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Spiro Galanis

Spiro Galanis, Owner


With over 30 years of experience, we understand what is needed for your business to optimize its efficiency. We want you to continue to be excited & passionate about your business while we handle the financial aspect. This allows our clients to focus on vision, growth & profitability. We work together to create processes to meet goals, hold you accountable, and grow your business.

As a small business owner, are you satisfied with your current level of financial growth?

If you’re looking for an experienced CFO who can take your business by the hand and step-by-step, show you exactly how to expedite financial growth and scale your company by keeping more money in your pocket, avoiding common tax fees, remain in full financial control of your business and best of all save time, then you have found the right team to guide you.

In my experience of dealing with a variety of industries and diverse business owners, I’ve discovered that a lot of small businesses don’t have the proper systems, operational discipline and accountability in place so they can efficiently accelerate the growth of their company.

This is especially true amidst the current economic conditions.
I’ve found you need 4 Key Factors to take your business to the next level…
1. Cash Flow Management and Advisory of your Revenue, Loans and Investments
2. Proactive Tax Planning with advanced tax strategies
3. Bookkeeping and Accounting to provide you with Accurate reports
4. A Financial Consultant to help you create the Optimal Business Strategies

1. Cash is King
2. Quick Nickels are better than Slow Dollars
3. Know your Cash Balance NOW
4. Don’t manage from the Bank Balance
5. Know your 12 Month Cash Balance
6. Cash flow problems don’t just happen
7. Have Cash flow projections
8. Take care of your customers- Attract, Retain, Delight

When you work with us, we organize and streamline processes for efficiency which prepare you for growth, while also saving on taxes.

✓ Virtual CFO Services
✓ Create advanced tax strategies for wealth creation
✓ Pay Less Tax (Pro-Active Tax Planning)
✓ Monthly Accounting
✓ Budgeting/Forecasting
✓ Review Income & Expenses for Maximum Profitability
✓ Review Processes & Procedures for Maximum Efficiency
✓ Tax Compliance & Resolution
✓ Business Financing/Disaster Relief

✓Construction: Contractors and Trades
✓Hospitality Industry
✓Medical Professionals
✓Real Estate Professionals
✓Local and National Business Owners

Ready to peel the onion back and get the core? Let’s dive in… sgalanis@abacusbusinessadvisors.com 

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